3BC NRT (Brams Edition, Bay Creek, and Burr Oaks Neighborhood Resource Team) Meeting and A Bit of Collection Work

3BC NRT (Brams Edition, Bay Creek, and Burr Oaks Neighborhood Resource Team) Meeting

The experiences have been having so far just keep getting better and better.  Today was a meeting with the local Neighborhood Resource Team, nicknamed the 3BC NRT.  The meeting was held at the Omega School not too far from the library.

The director of the school, Oscar Mireles, gave introduction about his school before the meeting started. Omega school’s success rate for GED recipients is just phenomenal.  If I can stay in Madison from August, then I would like to attend one of their graduations.  One other interesting fact I learned from Omega is that the GED testing will be computer-based soon.

After the introduction, the meeting commenced.  The meeting consisted of several important figures from the community.

  • The Branch Librarian from Goodman South Madison Public Library.
  • The neighborhood police officer.
  • A neighborhood fireman.
  • The NRT leader in charge of community development.
  • A member from Joining Forces for Families
  • A gentleman from Water Utility Services.

It was quite interesting to see the mix of community leaders at the meeting.  They all discussed these things:

  • An activity that they had a retreat recently
  • The possibility of having someone high up in the community attend the next meeting
  • Changes in a nearby park in the neighborhood.
  • Making it safer to walk around the South Transfer point.

Over it was an great meeting.  I hope to attend these types of meetings when I am librarian.  They really seem to provide insight into what is going on in the neighborhood and other neighborhood leaders’ perceptions on them.

A Bit of Collection Work

After the meeting I spent some time with weeding the Featured Films DVD collection.  My main goal was to remove duplicates of movies that were 2010 or older.  To choose the right copy to weed, I had to open the cases and compare copies for damage.  The ones with the most damage and were 2010 or older were removed from the shelf for possible weeding.  The weeding process can be time consuming but rewarding to clear up space for newer and less damaged materials.