A Day Full of Outreach

My second day at Goodman South took me to Lincoln Elementary School.  The school is just around the corner from the library so it was quick ride to the school.  The purpose of the school visit was to encourage children to sign up for the summer reading program.  The presentation format was quite engaging.  Two librarians did a skit between each other.  One was doing the interview and the other was Hermann the Worm (a puppet).

Through Hermann the Worm’s interview, they explained every detail of the summer reading program.  They explained these details:

  • The different programs and the cost (free).
  • The prizes that can be obtained, how, when (four books or hours per prize and four total prizes).
  • How to get a library card (yes, quite a few admitted they didn’t have one).
I was really impressed with all of the questions that were asked.  The children really seemed engaged in the presentation and all payed attention quite well.  At the end of each presentation, the librarians did Hermann the Worm’s song.  Even the tweens were singing loudly by the end of the song.  I hope to see some of the kids at the library signing up for the summer reading program.
Before the last part of my day, I spent a little time helping a young woman with faxing her address information.  She was having a lot of problems with her UW-Madison NetID so we ended up creating a new Gmail account so that she could send a fax using https://www.hellofax.com/.  I had no idea that there was a free faxing service completely web-based until today.  I have always used College Library’s fax machine.  After I finished helping her and the rain calmed a bit I went outside to enjoy the last part of my day.
The last part of my day was my June involvement with the Eat, Play, Bike Community Carnival.  This type of event is based on the concept of Placemaking.
Although the weather was chilly and wet, many people showed up for the event.  This event was held in the parking lot right outside of the library so the library had a table setup.  The rain prevented us from doing our craft so at first we handed out free bubbles for the children to play with.

After the rain cleared up we did a bracelet craft.  We took rubber bracelets and decorated them with different types of decals that ranged from googly-eyes to shiny diamonds.  This event was right at the library’s front door so it was a great opportunity to show the library’s involvement in the community and create new relationships with surrounding businesses and organizations.  I am really looking forward to the next three weeks.