A First Day of Many

I started my first practicum day at the Goodman South Madison Branch of Madison Public Library.  I have been volunteering with them over a year and now I am officially considered a part of the team at the library.  I am very happy to be a part of the team and looking forward to all of the work I will be doing with my site supervisors and other librarians at the library.  For my first day, I did quite a lot.

First, I had a meeting with one of my site supervisors about my schedule.  I have everything scheduled until early August.  I also was able to schedule some programming that I was really interested in working on.  I will do Storytime for the Very Young and go to some outreach events that will hopefully encourage more children to come to the library and participate in the summer reading program.


Second, I went to a few neighborhood businesses and posted flyers for a job assistance program that the library will offer.  I really enjoyed meeting and talking with some of the workers in the area.  Everyone was very helpful with giving me directions to some places and it was exciting to see how the neighborhood values library programming.  When I asked to post information, there wasn’t  even bit of hesitation from anyone.  Everyone was happy to let me post information about library programming.


Third, I did some shadowing and review at the reference desk.  At first I watched my supervisor use Koha and then she let me try.  I did my reference practicum at the Pinney Branch Library last year so I had experience with Koha but it was really nice to review.  I placed holds for a couple of people and then I helped with two technology related reference questions.

  • Editing a PDF on the PC – Editing PDFs on the PC can really be a pain.  I have a Mac and never really have problems editing PDFs (Preview is awesome).  I am always used to using Adobe Acrobat Pro at work (MERIT Library), so I had to do some searching before I could find something.  I found http://www.pdfescape.com/ and with it I could help with editing the patron’s PDF.
  • Getting Audiobooks and Using OverDrive – I have been doing e-book/audio book trainings since January so I was able to help with setting up OverDrive on the patron’s iPad but I was having problems getting a particular audiobook on OverDrive.  It took twenty minutes and a phone call to find out that the OverDrive copy of My Beloved World is in WMV format and cannot be opened by an iPad or Mac computer.  The file format has to be MP3 to work.  I learned something new and to be careful the next time I encounter an issue like this again.  I am really thankful to the librarian I talked with about the problem I had with the WMV format.  She told me that the library is buying more MP3 formatted audiobooks.

Last, I spent the rest of my day creating cut-outs for an outreach event that I will attend on Saturday.  The die-cuts were pyramids.  The summer reading program this year is “Dig Into Reading,” so Goodman South is having some programming related to egyptology and the pyramids.  Below is a cute poster that shows the “Dig Into Reading” theme:


(posters used for the “Dig Into Reading” theme)