Basic Public Library Administration

Basic Public Library Administration: A Continuing Ed Adventure

From September through December last year I took Basic Public Library Administration with the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s SLIS Continuing Education department and gained some valuable knowledge.

It was a valuable course in that I was taking it with librarians that were already in management or directors of libraries primarily in Wisconsin.  I could learn so much from them and from what they are doing at their libraries.  Being a youth services librarian, I understand the importance of children’s services very much but this class made me think more about the services we provide to teens and adults.

Through this course and its assignments I learned so much more.  Below is a list of what I did:

  • I learned more about the CREW Method for weeding and collection development/management.
  • I had the chance to evaluate one of my programs for sustainability and relevance.
  • I created my first budget presentation to increase staffing and teen programming.

I look forward to taking the Advanced Public Library Administration course in the future.