Building a Library in Minecraft

Building a library in Minecraft has become quite the project.  First of all, since the software we use for the program is for the PC, I have been using the laptop computer from work.  I received a copy of the map from the server that already has one of the branches built and I am adding the branch I work at to it. 

So, what am I using?  Below are the applications and mods that I am currently using:


1. Minecraft

2. MCEdit – MCEdit is an interesting application.  It creates a folder and inside the folder you can drop in any saved world.  From there you can use this application to edit the world in certain ways.  The only thing I used it for was to create a hollow foundation for the library.  

MCEdit Fill Function

MCEdit has a fill function so what I did was create a giant hollow rectangle of quartz and now I am using it as the foundation.  Using this application made it quick for me to make a basic building.


3. MinecraftEDU – This mod came with Minecraft and is particularly powerful in multiplayer mode but utterly useless in singleplayer mode.  Because I lost all of the nice features of this mod when deciding to build in singleplayer, I had to find some other mods.

4. Build Faster -This one has some wands that really make building faster.  Below is a review/guide for this mod:

5. Too Many Items – This one allows me to get any of the items in the game quickly and I can also set the time of day to make it daylight.  I really prefer to build during daylight.  Below is a review/guide for this mod:

Here is an aerial view of what I have finished so far:

The Library