Dad’N’Me Round 1: Cars

I had my first Dad’N’Me program about a week ago and had a pretty nice crew for a Saturday morning.  The envisioned this program as an opportunity for dads and their families to come to the library on their day off and enjoy books, stories, projects My theme was about cars.Matchbox Cars

I did a couple of stories with a transitional activity between.  The first story I told was, “And The Cars Go” by William Bee.

And The Cars Go


I thought to do this book for one of my school readiness storytimes so I requested it for Dad’N’Me to see how it would go.  I receive applause from the audience so I assume that it went quite well.  It was a bit long but everyone was paying attention so well that I decided to read the whole story without cutting some pages.  My favorite spread was the surfers.


After the first story, we played a few rounds of “Red Light, Green Light.”  This version of the game had a yellow light.  Everyone really seemed to enjoy this activity quite a lot.  Even the adults were playing.  The second and last story I told was “Speed” by Nathan Clement.  This one didn’t go as well as the first book but that’s alright.

After that I setup various things for the families to work on.  The main activity was to create a race track using toilet and paper towel rolls and tape.  After the tubes were created, the families used them with matchbox cars to race.  I also used lego road mats to create a small road space for the kids to play on with cars.  In addition, I provided coloring and drawing activities related to cars.  It was a fun time with several families.  Some of which have decided they will come back next time for the Monster themed Dad’N’Me.