This page originally started out as a place just for e-books but I have since changed it to add in e-audiobooks.


First of all, I am an advocate for print books.  I love the feel of turning pages and carrying books.  Picture books have been made in e-book form but I still prefer the print versions.

This of course doesn’t mean that e-books are not an option.  I have a tablet device and a smart phone.  I enjoy e-books and audio books on both of my devices.  E-books are great when the print version is unavailable.  The fonts and page style can be adjusted for easier reading.  It is easier to carry a small e-book device rather than carrying around a one-thousand page novel.

Also, there is something to be said about being able to listen to a e-audiobook from your digital device.  I really enjoy listening to audiobooks from my iPhone and often plug my phone into my car’s auxiliary plugin to listen through the car’s audio system.

The public library I work with subscribes to CloudLibrary as the primary vendor for popular fiction and nonfiction e-audiobooks and e-books.  These other e-resources have other e-book offering as well.

All of these services are web-based and/or app-based.  For free e-books and e-audiobooks I recommend having a library card.