Eat, Play, Bike Week 2 of 4, Collection Work, and A Reference Question

Before I went out to setup for Eat, Play, Bike, I helped my supervising librarian with checking in materials.  If they were South Madison Branch items we put them on the shelving carts to be shelved.  All of the other materials were put into red bins to be dispersed to different libraries of the South Central Library System.

Week two of four of the Eat, Play, Bike outreach has a different atmosphere this time around.  This of course was mainly because the weather improved since the last time.  Also, there were more food stands, drink stands, and some baked goods for sale.  Food can bring in so many people.  The library’s activity and reward brought a lot of kids of all ages.  We did a ring toss game.

If you make one ring, you can get a free temporary tattoo.  Many kids tried their best and received a free tattoo.  They also had the choice to put it on right away or take it home.  Most of the kids wanted to put it on right away.  Just doing tattoos kept me and my supervisor busy.  The ring toss was a hit.  Even after I ran out tattoos the kids were still tossing.