Eat, Play, Bike Week 3 (Final Week for Me)

This week’s Eat, Play, Bike was great fun. Since, I will be at ALA Annual, I will not be able to attend next week’s.  This time around we did a different game.  We played this bean bag tic-tac-toe game called Toss Across.  It was quite the challenging game.

The prize for winning this time around was a glow bracelet.  This time around, the teen volunteer I had met earlier the week came and helped with Eat, Play, Bike.

The teen volunteer, my supervisor, and I took turns outside in the heat.  It was quite hot this week.  This time around, we didn’t run out of prizes and we even had some adults play Toss Across.

I spent the last part of my night on the reference desk for about thirty minutes answering mostly computer questions.  I did help a patron with getting her library card number for internet access use.

Below are pictures from the Eat, Play, Bike outreach event.  As mentioned before, I will not be attending the last one because I will be in Chicago for the ALA Annual Conference.  I have been truly thankful for the opportunity to be involved in a community outreach event for the library.  I have learned a lot about the importance of building relationships with neighborhood entities and businesses.