Friends of Goodman South Madison Library Board Meeting and Juneteenth

I have been to quite a few meetings in my lifetime but this one by far was the most informative.  I could meet some of the Friends of Goodman South Madison Library.  From this meeting I found that the friends of the library are responsible for revenue more than I imagined.  I also realize that the friends are also a self-maintaining entity.  Although there were librarians at the meeting, I learned the friends run the meeting and also the activities they do to provide the library with money.  I can understand the role of the friends.  They are truly awesome.

After I finished with the meeting, I went to Penn Park for Juneteenth.  We setup at a table with information on programming, sign-up sheets for new friends, and summer reading program information.  We had pens and MPL temporary tattoos for anyone who wanted them.  I had a few people stop by the booth for information.  This was the first time for me to go to a Juneteenth celebration and to actually hear about it.  The best part of the whole event was there were some very talented young UW-Madison students that expressed many feelings through poetic expression.  I was really moved by their words and feel that I got a lot out of what they had to say about oppression.