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Furnishing a Library in Minecraft

Some of you may have seen my first blog on Building a Library in Minecraft.  Now it’s time to discuss furnishing a library in Minecraft.  This can be easily done by adding a few extra mods.

 The MrCrayfish’s Funiture, Props (DecoCraft), Jammy Furniture, and BiblioCraft mods are more than enough to get your library ready for a Minecraft program.  

Mr. CrayFishProps Mod











MrCrayfish’s has a few items that really give the library what it needs.  It has computers, printers, fire alarms, and some simple tables and chairs.  There are of course many other exciting features that it adds that I am willing to try in order to have the library that cozy community feeling.  PropsMod (DecoCraft) also has some items that will make a holidays themed Minecraft really cool.

 Jammy FurnitureBibliocraft










Jammy furniture primarily has the sofas and armchairs needed.  For librarians, BiblioCraft is by far the coolest mod out there for crafting a library in Minecraft.  The lamps, tables, and other furniture options will give your library a rustic feel that many libraries have a reputation for.  

The question that comes to mind about furnishing inside of a game is:  “Why even bother?”  Well, a large part of the game is building your own place and making your own stake in the world you are in.  The tweens at our branches are quite obsessed with this game.  If they see that their local library is on board with having programming based on a game they enjoy, maybe they will come to the library more often.  If we can reach them through a game or teach them about the library through a game then I believe we are providing an excellent service.  

 Happy crafting to you all!


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