Job Club (Mob), A Meeting, and Family Fun Night

As part of my interest in outreach services that the library provides, I went with my site supervisor to Madison Area Technical College’s South Campus near the library to observe a program they are providing.  Madison Public Library provides writing assistance of all types but it was nice to see what MATC and their partners were trying to accomplish for the community.

For a first session, nearly a dozen people was awesome for advertising only by word.  The volunteers at this program all seemed to have unique sets of skills in regards to the job hunt.  The best part of the whole program was that they actually had local job postings available for people to view and start applying for.  Everyone that came seem to be quite pleased with the event.  
After the event, we attended a meeting with everyone at the program and they reflected beautifully on the happenings of the event.  This type of program is a gem for any community that has a lot of unemployment issues.
After the meeting, I took some time on my own to reflect on everything that I am working on this summer.  I answered some random computer questions until it was time for Family Fun Night. I helped Morris the Magic Man setup the space for his show.
Morris the Magic Man was absolutely amazing and quite popular considering how many people showed up to the show.  I am really looking forward to future Family Fun Nights.