Lego City

Lego Bricks

Last week the library I work at had a phenomenal event at the library.  For five days straight and a total of sixteen hours the library had a lego city building event for families.  I had the chance to observe and facilitate an hour of lego building.  The library normally has lego’s once a month but this time it was a whole week of legos. It was exciting to hear the children talk about their creations.  Their explanations about each individual part was so detailed and fun to hear.  I really wanted to write down what they had to say to show everyone the power of legos.

It was also really very exciting to see so many people in the meeting room.  Each two-hour session averaged seventy-five people with so many creations that some of them had to be remodeled to make room for more.  By the end of the sessions there were four tables of lego city creations.

Legos were a very important part of my younger years and gave me a chance to express myself in ways that I couldn’t sometimes. has a parents website and on the website there is a section about child development and early literacy development. The literacy development section discusses how play is important for early literacy skills.  The lego city event last week gave me a chance to revisit the importance of play with legos and the role it plays in literacy development.  I hope to use legos sometime soon with one of my programs.