It’s time for me to start preMinecraft Blockparing for the possibility of a Minecraft program at my branch. One of the other branches in the system I work for has started a six-week minecraft program for teens.  So far they have had full registration with all of the licenses used up. They are using a MinecraftEDU server. MinecraftEDU is a modified version of Minecraft that is being used a lot lately for educational purposes.  Right now I am learning how to use the mod and basic server functions.

I am hoping to try my first after-hours program since I became a librarian in September last year. I experienced and helped with an after-hours teen program last summer it was fun but there was a lot of preparation involved. Several staff members and volunteers attended. No one was allowed to enter after the event started. No one was allowed to leave until the end of the event. Parents and guardians had to agree that they would pick their children up and were allowed into the library to get their kids. I spent a lot of the time keeping the doors secure and make no one entered

With the preparation above in mind and more, I am looking forward to a successful after-hours Minecraft program.

Minecraft Miner