One Year Down and Many To Go

It has been a year since I have started a new career in Librarianship and I absolutely love it!  I couldn’t have had a better experience with my first out of graduate school professional librarian position.   I am a Youth Services Librarian but I also have had the unique opportunity to dabble a little in web design and content.  Now I manage the children’s website blog with several other members on board in contributing content.  We are providing posts that focus on promoting our collections but at the same time show the many strengths and skills each individual in the team has to offer.  

Although my primary duties are to serve the youth of the library, I also work at the adult reference desk which includes a lot of helping with printing and using Microsoft Word.  Another big one is helping people do screen cropping with the use of PrintScreen and Paint.  I prefer to use SnipIt though but the public access PC systems do not include it in their build.  The adult reference desk includes readers’ advisory for all ages and encouraging the use of our database resources and ebook/audiobook collections.

For my second year, I have many goals.  Some of them are:

1) To improve my storytimes by thinking outside of the norm and trying some new songs, fingerplays, puppets, etc. I start performing two new storytimes this year.

2) To continue developing work relationships and continue promoting branch-wide programming.  I will have Youth Chess Club at all of the branches but they will all have different co-workers running them.

3) To learn everything I can about my profession but go outside of librarianship for inspiration.  I will be taking two courses starting mid-September.  I follow some educators on Twitter and my RSS feed.  I want see what educators are doing for STEAM focused lessons.

4) To keep my blog, portfolio, and website content up-to-date and fresh.  This one has been hard to keep up with lately but is by far the most important for me.  Having a visual representation of my experience online helped with getting the job I have now.

All of these goals are going to be challenging but I know I can do them.