Outreach and Own the Night

This time around for outreach, I went with the children’s librarian to another event nearby the library.  I could see the results of my hard die-cutting at work.  We setup at a table with the pyramid cuts, sign-up sheets and reading records for the summer reading program.  I was happy to see many children and teens come to make and decorate pyramids.  We even had five people sign up for the summer reading program.  Many of the children told us that they had already signed up after they had their school visit from the public librarians (Hermann the Worm).


(Banner for this year’s summer reading program)


After the outreach event, I went back to the library for the Own the Night teen program.  For three hours the library was closed to only teenagers.  The teens own the library.  This program is absolutely brilliant.  Ownership is so important for teens.  Opening the library only to them gives them that sense of ownership and makes them feel more comfortable with using the library.  My supervisor, the teen librarian, and other librarian staff and volunteers really made the whole night happen.  They had so many activities and a drawing for free stuff.  Some of the activities were:


  • Smash Bros Brawl Tournament
  • Super Mario Cart Races
  • Animation Viewing
  • Henna Tattoos
  • 3D Printing
  • Animation Creation
  • Button Creation

example of a Henna Tattoo)

These were some of the activities.  There was also free pizza, drinks, and snacks.  One of my roles was to guard the pizza before the teens were released to eat it.  I also guarded the front doors of the library because no one was allowed to enter the library (except for parents or siblings).  Event was an absolute success and I hope to do similar programming at the library I work for in the future.