Outreach Storytime, Storytime for the Very Young, Youth Interaction, E-book/Computer/Gadget Trainings

It had been a few weeks but I went back to the CDI for another outreach storytime but this time around Green by Laura Vaccaro Seeger.  Green is a 2013 Caldecott Honor Book.  When I took children’s literature last year we chose this book as an honor for our mock Caldecott award committee.  I defended this book with another classmate so that would become an honor.  Green is one of the many concept books that have read over the two years as a youth services specialist at SLIS.  I really enjoyed showing the concept of green and its presence in many things, animals, and other living things around us.  I didn’t quite get reactions that expected from the early elementary school group.  Some of them thought that everything should be something to eat mainly because the first few pages have green foods.  The story went well and I think that even though their reactions were unusual, I enjoyed their interpretations of the story.

After I did both the early elementary students and the younger children, I went back to Goodman South for some Storytime for the very young.  I did Green and after that I did a flannel board rhyme based from Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? by Eric Carle.  Instead of animals, they were houses.  For example, “Red house, red house what do you see, I see a yellow house next to me.” and so on.  I did six total colors.  After doing it realized that I wanted to just tell the original version of the story.  I always really enjoyed telling this story in my English classes in Japan.

After finishing up the storytime, I went to see what the teen volunteers were up to and did a little craft work with them.  I made a king’s crown and worked a little bit on my frogs for the toddler storytime kit I am working on.  After a while my supervisor asked me to help her cover the Every Tuesday program for Teens.  The teens have two hours of game, craft, and computer time.  This is only for teens.  I noticed that most of the attendees were boys and that they played games most of the time.  Some girls did come in to do some social media browsing.  Goodman South has a Wii with a lot of games to choose from.

The last part of my day was busy as always.  I called my students for training to confirm their attendance.  The first person canceled so I called the next person on the waiting list.  Everyone else confirmed their appointment.  My first appointment was with a woman that needed help with uploading photos directly to her Shutterfly from her digital camera.   I was able to help her with no problems at all. My second appointment was with a previous client but this time his wife brought her iPad Mini.  It was my first time to see and handle an iPad Mini.  I am not so impressed with them because their screen size is so small.  My last appoint consisted of me helping my client with setting up an email account and sending a basic email.  It went okay except for some confusion with passwords and he accidentally typed in the wrong username for his email.