Outreach Storytimes, Storytime for the Very Young, Youth Interaction, and LES Presentation Prep Day

CDI South Madison Child Care Center

Today was the first day for me to observe the outreach storytimes at the CDI South Madison Child Care Center.  The format was very similar to the storytimes for the very young that I have observed but some some slight differences.  My site supervisor masterfully adjusted each storytime to three different age groups.  She gave three storytimes to these different groups:

1. Early elementary
2. Toddlers
3. Babies

I was really impressed with that my supervisor’s memory.  She knew all of the children’s names.  I assume that she has been going to the CDI for a while now but I find it really hard to remember names.  When I was doing storytimes for preschools in Japan, I really had difficult times with remembering the children’s names.  After the storytime we went back to the library for Storytime for the Very Young.

Storytime for the Very Young

Every librarian has their own way of starting out a storytime.  My supervisor, uses a song that I used for most of the years I taught in Japan.  The “Open Shut Them” is kinesthetic song that I feel all children seem to enjoy participating in so much.

Today after my supervisor did her song, a story, and a flannel board, I made a special guest appearance by telling a really cute story.  I did “My Beak, Your Beak” by Melanie Walsh.  This books shows the differences between pairs of animals but then shows how they are similar.  There are many books out there that show differences but don’t show they are all connected.  I really liked how the showed the interconnectedness of all creatures.  After I finished, my supervisor thanked me and then she went on to another story.  I was nervous and overexcited to tell stories to children again.  At the end of my supervisors storytimes, she sings a variation of “Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun” that I absolutely adore and find myself singing louder than I should be.

Youth Interaction and LES Presentation Prep

After the Storytime for the Very Young, I checked in on one of the teens I am supervising the for the summer reading program and tested a craft.  After I worked out the craft, I met with my supervisor to prepare a PowerPoint presentation for a group of visiting librarians and information specialists from fifteen different countries around the world.  I spent over an hour adding and adjusting photos and text for the presentation.  We finished up a draft and waited for some additional slides from one of the central branch’s librarians.  I had a busy but fun-filled day with many different age groups at the library.  This experience is looking to be a very well-rounded practicum.