Book Clubs

Sometime during my career I would like to have some
book clubs.  I would like to do some for different age
groups.  For adults, I always thought it was interesting
to collaborate with a local brewery/pub and have the
club there.  At my current place of employment there
is a tween/teen book club at the local Barnes & Noble.  
The attendees get a free small drink from the starbucks

Gadget Petting Zoo

When I use the word 'gadget' I dont necessarily mean
tablet devices.  Above is a picture of a Raspberry PI.  
These boards are often used for learning programming
languages but they have many other uses from robotics
to a special version of Minecraft.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Server

Right now at my library system we have a MinecraftEDU
server but at my branch most of the kids are playing
the pocket edition of Minecraft. I think it would be a
great service to have a Minecraft PE Server.  The best
place to get started with one is PocketMine-MP.  Right
now I am still trying to get buyout from the IT department
to host one.

Chess Tournament

I have a chess club where I currently work.  I want
to have a library hosted chess tournament with prizes
and trophies for winners and participants.

STEAM Themed Storytimes

Science, technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics
themed storytimes are becoming more and more prominent
at libraries all over the nation.  One of my favorite blogs for
storytime is Abby the Librarian.  She does a Preschool Lab
here is her Kitchen Science theme.

Yoga Storytime

Ever since I read You Are a LION! by Taeeun
Yoo in graduate school, I have been wanting
to do a yoga themed storytime.


I call this section ideas but some of these at some level have been done before at other libraries. I have many things that I want to try and give my own application to.  Many of these ideas are not only for children but can be adapted to other age groups.

Readers' Theater

My colleague does readers' theater sometimes for
her elementary storytime.  I want to have my own
readers' theater sometime for all ages.

Murder Mystery Theater

I remember hearing about this a few years back
at Wisconsin Library Association conference.  
There was a friends of the library group that
co-hosted this with a librarian.  It was 
a Murder
Mystery Theater for adults.  They all dressed for
their parts and acted them out to find the who
the murder was.  They also service beverages
and hors d'oeuvres.

Oscar Movie Showings and a Party

I have always been interested in showing some of
the Oscar candidate movies that leads into having
a formal dress party where we have hors d'oeuvres
and the award ceremony on the big screen.

Adult Swim

This idea stems from Madison Children's Museum
and their Adult Swim Night.  This is an opportunity
for adults (without their kids) to come to the library
and socialize but using some of the same programming
ideas and tactics that we normally use with children.  


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