Dance Party!

This is a music and movement party for children
ages 2-5 and their grownups.  We used a combination
of children's and contemporary music to get the kids
their parents to move.  We have egg shakers, various
musical instruments, scarves, and parachute at the end
as a part of the program.

Paleontology Workshop for Tweens

This workshop was my first attempt at offering a program
for only 4th-6th graders.  I had quite a lot of tweens
interested in Paleontology and dinosaurs.  I would like to do
this one again in the future.

SRP 2014: Paws to Read (Cat Day)

The Summer Reading Program 2014: Paws to Read was
my first as a professional.  We had Cat Day at all three
of the branches.  I created various activities based from
cats that appear in the children's literary world.  There
were activities based on Erin Hunter's Warriors to
Pete the Cat.  It was the first time for our library system
to have the same program at all three branches.  It was
a great success with over fifty attendees at each branch.


Dad'N'Me was one of my first program attempts.  It was
a monthly themed program designed for busy families
(particularly Dads) to come to the library on a Saturday.  
This program brought in dads with whole families every
time.  Attendance was commonly low, but it worked well
with the demographic I targeted.

Database Smarts

My co-worker and I offered two sessions of database
training for parents and their children and teens.  It
was fun to have the experience of teaching about our
electronic resources on a public library level.  I had
several experiences to do this as an academic library

Dia Festival

El día de los niños/El día de los libros (Children's Day/
Book Day) is a nationally recognized event that focuses
on diversity in children's literacy.  This was the first
committee I was a part of as a professiona librarian.  I
always looked forward to being a part of an event like
this since I heard of it in my multicultural literature
course in graduate school.

Minecraft @ the Library

This was my first after-hours library program as a professional
librarian.  My co-worker and I built the branch library I work at
inside of a map.  We used that map the whole time and it was a
hit.  We had full registration and everything went smoothly with
the entrance and release of the kids.  We used MinecraftEDU.  
MinecraftEDU is a modified version of Minecraft that is being
used all over the world by schools and libraries to teach various
subjects.  I will have this again in the future.

Marshmallow Engineering

This program was pretty simple to setup. We
provided toothpicks, marshmallows, and some
basic samples to give the kids some ideas.  There
can never be enough STEAM programming and
since our monthly theme was 'Food' at the time,
I thought it would go nicely. 

Superhero Yourself

This was my second attempt at offering a tween program.  
It didn't have the same attendance as the previous Paleontology
program, but it went well.  I found out later from some
regular library attending tweens that they do a similar theme
in 6th grade at school.  I will have to make some adjustments
to it if I plan to have it again.

Robot Invasion

I did this in collaboration with the Makerspace Librarian.  
It was my first attempt with a robotics petting zoo! We offered
various robotics sets and other gadgets to tinker with.  Each
attendee created a brush bot pet to take home.  This was in
partnership with the Library LAB (the Makerspace) and the
Maker Mentors (a special volunteer program with the 3D Printers).

Digital Drop-Ins

I did these drop-ins at my previous workplace.
I did these for our patrons so that they could bring 
their e-devices for e-books and audiobooks for a twenty 
minute one-on-one session.  I am huge fan of e-books 
and audiobooks so I enjoyed these a lot when I had time to 
help with these drop-ins.

Computer Classes

At my previous workplace we offerd computer classes
on various topics and I had the time to assist with some
of them.  Some of my favorites were about Google and
its many uses.

Common Core Keyboarding

I helped host this program at my branch.  Its primary
goal was to provide upper elementary to high school
aged students with a free platform to practice keyboarding.  
The common core state standards testing require
keyboarding skills so having this program provided
students and parents with awareness.

Youth Chess Club

The is one my very first programs as a professional
librarian.  I started it out at my first workplace with
the end goal being a tournament for youth.  I managed
to setup the tournament before I changed jobs to my
current workplace in Ventura County.


Below are programs that I have either developed or co-developed.  I am currently responsible for all youth programs at my library.  This includes children and teen events.  I have also listed some adult events I have excuted myself or assisted with.

DIY: Cardboard Creations

My co-worker and I thought of this program where
provide the cardboard and materials and all the
kids have 
to do is bring their imagination.  We did
this "Do it Yourself" 
cardboard program for two days.  
The kids made some 
really cool things at this cardboard

Mo Willems Celebration

This was a special Mo Williems storytime and celebration.
I co-worker and I read stories with Pigeon, Elephant and
Piggie, and Naked Mole Rat. We provided crafts, projects,
and activities based on the stories of Mo Willems.

Library LAB (Makerspace)

The Library LAB is my current library's makerspace.  
We offer 3D Printing, laser cutting/engraving, and 
have other various gadgets for tinkering with.  We
also host a weekly computer coding club in the space.

Horror in the Stacks: First Blood

This was my second try for an after library hours event.
It was a great success.  This is was a Teen Advisory Group
and volunteer managed haunted library stacks event.  The
TAG planned several different sections and spent nearly
two hours scarying the tuna salad out of everyone who

Foster Con

This is an anual mini-comic convention we host in the
library with comic store vendors, anime drawing workshops,
and comic book and graphic novel focused activities. 


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