Co-Designed E-Commerce Website

                    Using Drupal

This was a group project for LIS 644: Digital Tools, Trends
and Debates. It took a lot of time installing and reinstalling modules
for this site. Working with a CMS was a rewarding

A Transmedia Site

I did this site for Multicultural Literature for Children
and Young Adults.  The purpose of the site was to provide
a venue into a particular multicultural book.  I choose
Momotaro, which is a Japanese folktale I really enjoy. 
Click here to enjoy.

Hand-Coded HTML and CSS

          Website Redesign

The redesign of the TLAM Project website gave the
webmaster for the site important information that lead
to some changes in the original site.

Goodman South Library Branch -

Children and Youth Services Review Paper

This paper allowed me to work with a group to determine
what kind of childrenand youth services the library has. 
As a group we were also able to understand how a library
functions, how important it is to know the stats of the area
your library is in, and also the many services a library has
to offer.

        Google Site (Wiki) for

the Information Desk Workers

I created this Google Site for the Information Desk Workers
at MERIT Library.  Before they had a Wetpaint site that
needed a redesign.  They needed an easy to use multi-paged
site so I suggested Google Sites.  I decided to go with an
alphabetical menu and so far it has made the resources easier
to find.

Stop Motion Films

Two summers ago I saw Madison Public Library
doing some stop motion animation for tweens and
teens.  I decided to do a few myself first using Stop
Motion Studio and then two more times with Lego
Movie Maker.  Both of these apps are available on
the iPad.

SRP Prezi for Staff and

Volunteer Training

I learned how to use Prezi for the first time to create
a staff volunteer training presentation for the summer
reading program 2014.  Now I prefer Prezi over
PowerPoint for its look and formatting.

Budget Presentation

In the Fall of 2014, I took a continuing education
course with the University of Wisconsin-Madison SLIS.  
The Basic Public Library Administration course
required that I do a budget presentation using my
current library's budget numbers and propose the
next year's budget with any changes.  I really
enjoyed this assignment and it put budgeting into
perspective for me.

Kids' Space Revamp

I took a project leadership role in designing and
producing the new Kids' website.  This took nearly
a year to get up and running as we worked with the
city for all web-based services.  Several of my
collegues contributed content and now the library has
a bi-weekly blog for children, parents, and teachers.  
I managed the blog scheduled and all content updates
and additions.  The first picture in the slideshow is
the before picture and rest are the current website.


Some of the projects below consist of both individual and group projects.  In addition, some of them are from graduate school and also work as a professional librarian.

Revonnation of the 2nd Floor Library Space

As librarian in charge of the 2nd Floor children, teen, and 
family space, I had the opportunity to create a new service
desk space, implement some new self-checkout machines,
and open up the space by removing some redundant 
shelving units without losing any of the collection.


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