Baby and Toddler

This program is designed to build early language
and literacy foundations for children 6-36 months
old. This gives parents a chance to sing and bounce,
tickle and talk, read and rhyme together with their
little ones.

Just for 2's and 3's

This was designed for toddlers to enjoy stories, songs,
and interaction with their parents.  There was a lot
more standing up and moving involved with this


School Readiness

This program for 3-5 year olds is designed to
build the early literacy, listening, and group
participation skills required for successful
school entry.  It's really one of my favorite
storytimes as it reminds me of my teaching
days in Japan.

Storytime for the Very Young

This was a storytime that I did as a part of my internship
with Madison Public Library for children ages 0–35 months
Madison Public Library had rotating storytime bins with
stories, songs and rhymes etc. inside.  I used what was in
the bin to conduct storytime.  For this age group, storytime
bins are a brilliant idea.


Elementary Storytime

This is a literacy enrichment program planned
by my co-worker, Debby for kindergarten through 
3rd grade students and their parents.  I had the 
chance to do a poetry themed storytime in her 
place in 2013 and really enjoyed it.

WIC Clinic Outreach

We provided a bundle of five books a week
for the WIC clinic just a few buildings down
from the library 
and read stories to the kids
waiting for their clinic appointment.

Community Outreach Storytimes

These storytimes were a part of my internship with
Madison Public Library.  I went with my supervisor
to a few different places to assist with storytime.  
Sometimes we would go to a preschool and other
times an afterschool center.  I read some of my first
books in storytime at these outreach storytimes.


With the early literacy practices of Every Child Ready to Read in mind, libraries all over the nation are providing storytimes.  Storytimes are an important component for public libraries. Below are some that I have done and still do.

Early Literacy Class

At my current workplace we call our storytimes Early
Literacy Classes.  They are storytimes geared for ages
0-5 years old.  I have had a lot of success with these
classes which include a lot of music, movement and fun.
These classes are a great way to introduce children and
their parents/caregivers to early literacy and the library.


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