Alignment AWE Computers

I created three display posters for the AWE Computers 
(Early Literacy Stations).  Each poster shows  how
the AWE computers align to STEM (Science, Technology,
Engineering, and Mathematics), the CCSS (Common Core
State Standards), and ECRR (Every Child Ready to Read).
All three posters show parents how these special
children's computers fit with education.

Minecraft @ the Library

My colleague and I spent a number of hours building
our home library branch inside of the game for our
tween and teen patrons to enjoy.  This was a great
opportunity to talk about new Minecraft books in the
collection and other ways to enjoy the game.

Gaming and Learning

Teaching and learning through games is one of my
many passions so I took the opportunity to write about

The Paleontology Workshop

The Paleontology workshop was my first attempt at
tween (grades 4th-6th) only program.  It was also my
first attempt at stop motion animation.  The kids really
enjoyed creating content for the little film I published.

Youth Chess Club 2014

After a very successful attempt at a library chess 
club, receiving funding for new chess sets, and
starting the club system-wide, I thought it was
pertinent to write about the upcoming chess dates,
ways to learn about chess, and new books on chess
added to the collection.

Who was...?

I created this display poster to show parents that our
OverDrive collections have many of the ever-popular
'Who was' series.


Most of the written work I have below are blog posts from when I managed the website, Kids' Space with Santa Clarita Public Library.  There are some one sheet display sheets that I have included as well as part of my written work.


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