Programs and Revamp

Busy As A Bee
Busy With The Revamp:

I have had very little time to post a blog and will make more time for it now that I have finished revamping my site.  I threw everything together into one theme except for my Momotaro site.  I have my website, blog, and portfolio together.   I am going back to fixing some of the posts that I imported from my old blogger site.  I will also have to repost all of my portfolio items.  I am using a special plugin that allows me to create my own personalized portfolio items and portfolios.  I am really enjoying using it.  Here is the link to the portfolio plugin I am using.  There is one part of the site that I am concerned with.  The back ground image I used is taking some time to load I am really worried about that.  If the image is a pain to load, I would really like to know.  Please go to my BIO section of the website and let me know if the background image is too much.


I had several programs since my last post.  Some were my own and some were ones that I just helped with.

I had another Digital Drop-In where I helped with Windows 8 again and also uploading videos to Youtube.

I had another Dad’N’Me with Monsters as the theme.

I had my second Youth Chess Club which had more attendees than the last one.

I have also been very busy with planning for the Dia Festival we are holding at the beginning of next month.

I also have had a regular closing day this month.  It has been very busy but a lot of fun as well.

I am enjoying my new career and I am already planning to take some professional development courses in the Fall and get ready for the next steps towards having a management position in the future.