Reference Desk Coverage and Craft Time for the Summer Reading Program

So instead of going to outreach storytimes, today I covered the reference desk for about an hour.  I reserved a few computers for people and had an interesting reference question.  I have had similar ones before when I did my reference practicum at the Pinney Branch.  The person I talked to on the phone wanted books on Greek history for both children and adults.  They refused to look at travel books and books on ancient Greek history.  On top of it all they wanted only books available at Goodman South and refused to have books sent from another library or branch.  Goodman South just doesn’t have Greek history books.  This happens often patrons on different topics.  It is so easy to place a hold have books delivered from other libraries but often people refuse.

The last part of my day was covering the summer reading program craft time.  The teen worker was feeling a little sick so I covered for her for as long as I could.  I made dragonflies for my craft.  I had several kids come to do my craft and it was a lot of fun.  In addition to dragonflies, I had two girls make some other exciting crafts.  I really enjoy crafting with kids have their own ideas and get lost in crafting many things.  Below is the dragonfly that I made.