Staff E-book Training

Today I did a staff e-book training for two of the reference librarians.  We covered several devices and I taught them important information about the OverDrive app that most tablet devices use for e-books and audio books.

The first device I worked with was a Kindle Fire.  Since it was a tablet device, it was quite easy to get an e-book on it.  We did everything from the beginning.  First starting with downloading the OverDrive app from the store.  Second adding Goodman South as a library from inside the app.  Third authorizing an Adobe account with the device.  Finally opening the downloaded book.  The book is for a book club.

The last device was a Sony Reader.  I found instructions on OverDrive for Sony Reader and I also found that the instructions were not correct.  First we tried to use the build-in browser on the device and get an e-book from it but that didn’t work so well.  Then I tried doing with Adobe Digital Editions and found out that the Sony Reader software had to be installed along with ADE to work.  This of course was not written on the instructions.