Storytime for the Very Young (Observation), Youth Interaction, and My First One-On-One Tech Trainings

So after a week off, I decided to observe the Storytime for the Very Young to make sure I understand the the format of everything.  The typical format has been:

1) Opening Song
2) Story
3) Rhyme with Puppet or Flannel Board
4) Story
5) Rhyme with Puppet or Flannel Board
6) Story
7) Ending Song

My supervisor told all three stories above.  She is such a vibrant and storyteller.  I really enjoy her clear and expressive voice.

Youth Interaction

Today I met a new volunteer.  Now I have met five teen summer volunteers.  I gave her a craft to do.  I found a fun craft on Pinterest using googly eyes and straw painting to create these:

I thought they were cute but I heard from one of my teen volunteers that they were too messy and from next time she would like to have a craft that wasn’t so messy.  I was really excited to hear feedback from one of the teens.  I will definitely consider her thoughts when I choose the next craft.  

One-on-one Tech Trainings

Two of my three one-hour sessions were filled this week.  For my first session, I had a lady come with her NOOK Simple Touch.

The NOOK Simple Touch doesn’t have an audio jack so only e-books can be read with this device.  My client didn’t have her device charged at all so the battery was completely dead.  While it was charging, I explained OverDrive and the Wisconsin Digital Library to the patron and then explained that she would need to use her computer to transfer checked out e-books to her device.  I hope she will come back for a second session.
My second client brought his iPad.  He wasn’t interested in e-books or audiobooks but more interested in using his iPad.  We scheduled a second session with his wife.  In a few weeks I will do a session with two iPad users.  I am looking forward to help with their devices.