Storytime for the Very Young, Youth Interaction, and E-book/Gadget/Computer Trainings

I did Storytime for the Very Young on my own this time around.  It was fun to be in charge of everything.  It reminded me of when I was a teacher.  The kids for this particular storytime are very laid back but they are seem to be enjoying the program.  They often smile and pay attention really well.  I did a fun little cow puppet song.  The “Cow on the Farm Goes Moo, Moo, Moo” song which is the cow puppet version of the “Wheels on the Bus” song.  I really like having animal sounds in storytimes.  It is really fun to see the children make their sounds.

After the storytime, I spent the afternoon with the youth volunteers and also did a display for my site supervisor.  The theme for the display was “See the artist within” so I did a simple google image search for different artists and put together a small poster.  I also made some changes to my E-book, gadget, and computer display.

After finishing up my displays, I taught two classes.  One class for getting E-books for a Kindle Fire HD.  Since the Kindle Fire HD is a tablet device,  it was really easy to show my student how to get e-books on it.  All that is needed to get books is the OverDrive App.  We finished with little issues except for maybe some forgotten passwords which I could recover for her.

The last session wasn’t at all related to e-books or gadgets and not really computers that much.  My student wanted help with applying for a job online.  I could find a few jobs for him and then we started the electronic application.  He wasn’t prepared to finish the application because he didn’t bring his resume and cover letter with him but I could get him started.  I will have another session with him soon.