Storytime for the Very Young, Youth Interaction, Toddler Storytime Kit Prep, and E-Book/Computer/Gadget Trainings

I observed another exciting Storytime for the Very Young this week.  I wasn’t feeling well so I didn’t participate but I did seem some pretty cool stories told by my supervisor.  After the observation I went sat down with the teens for a little bit to make sure they were setup.  After that I worked on my toddler storytime kit.  Lately I have been working really hard on making flannel board stories for my kit.  Most flannel board stories use felt but I have been using an awesome material to make them.  I am using milk filters.

After spending some time on my kit work, I had some computer and gadget trainings.  My first session was a mix of everything.  I helped a woman using her extremely old Windows XP system.  I was worried that it would stop working during the session.  After working with XP, we worked on Facebook.  She wanted to be able to add photos to Facebook.  Everything went well with this session.

My next session was fun.  I had a second session with the same person but this time around he brought his wife.  He want work on using FaceTime to contact his daughters.  It was my first time to use FaceTime but everything went well.  My client ended up contacting his daughters through FaceTime and scaring his daughters with the ringing sound.

My last session was canceled which made me relieved because someone had signed up for help with their iMac.  I was expecting someone to walk in with their desktop Mac but it didn’t happen.