Storytime is the heart of the library.  It is the heart of reading. Storytime provides many services to both the library, the children that attend, and their parents or guardians.  It gives the library a chance to show off their collections and also the participants a chance to experience what the library has to offer.  Most importantly libraries are a chance for children and their parents or guardians to be exposed to early literacy development. Although early literacy development can be picked up through many different activities and places, storytimes at the library is a core way for it.

There are many different storytimes but often they are divided by age groups or even better by developmental stages that occur in life.

Here is a common breakdown of storytimes:

·       Baby/Toddler.

·       2’s and 3’s.

·       3-5 Year Olds (School Readiness).

·       Bilingual Storytimes (Spanish/English in my area).

·       Elementary Storytime.

·       Family Storytime (usually a one-off special storytime).

Throughout my four plus years in the library world, I have conducted all of these storytime ages at one time or another.