Summer Reading Program 2014

I have been utterly consumed with this year’s summer reading program that I have neglected to write a single blog up until now. It’s been over two months but I am back now.Paws To Read

Cat's Meow

This year’s summer reading program theme is “Paws to Read” and is my first summer reading program as professional librarian. There are two very exciting parts about the program this year for me so far.  Many of the homegrown programs are available at all three of our branches.  The program I prepared for was “Cat Day.”  It turned out to be a great success and I was happy to offer it to the three branches.  

The other very exciting part of the whole summer reading program is that we offer our big performers off-site at various performing art centers in town. The library was able to allow for nearly five hundred in attendance.

Other thDinosauran summer reading program, I have been preparing quite a bit for the Fall programs that are coming up.  The one I am focusing on is the one in September.  I will be having a Paleontology workshop for 4th-6th graders. 


In addition to program preparation, I have been busy with these other little projects:

  • My colleague and I have been preparing the winter children’s programing schedule for the local city magazine. 
  • I made a stand out of Legos for the iPad so that we can experiment with stop motion animation.
  • I have also been working on building the library in Minecraft in preparation for a Minecraft program coming soon.