After graduate school and starting a new position as a librarian continuing education is the next step in professional growth. There are a number of options to consider. As an alumni of the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s SLIS program, the first place to turn would be the continuing education choices offered there.  Of course UW-Madison isn’t […]


Gaming for libraries has many forms from gaming consoles to computers.  I have observed console gaming programs and have seen young library patrons playing various games on library computers.  I have even had some time to hear from youth about their gaming experiences. There are a couple of games that are particularly interesting for me […]


This page originally started out as a place just for e-books but I have since changed it to add in e-audiobooks. E-BOOKS and E-AUDIOBOOKS First of all, I am an advocate for print books.  I love the feel of turning pages and carrying books.  Picture books have been made in e-book form but I still […]


There are many types of libraries, therefore there are just as many types of librarians.  I am a Youth Services Librarian.  I spent several years as an English teacher to decide to work with promoting early literacy development.  I went to graduate school to study librarianship and to establish a foundation for my new career […]



My name is Phillip Yocham.  I am a Youth Librarianin Ventura County California.  I am originally from Oklahoma but I received MLIS from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Before starting my studies at UW-Madison I lived and worked in Japan as an English teacher for six years. My experience as a teacher in Japan helped to define who I am now and most importantly my career as […]