I am a Youth Librarian.  My focus at the University of Wisconsin-Madison was Children and Youth Services. Youth Services includes both Children and Young adults.  The American Library Association provides a little information about becoming at Youth Services Librarian.  In addition, under the ALA there are two associations that I follow exclusively and those are ALSC (Association for Library […]


Having a solid web presence is something valuable.  Even the smallest libraries have some sort of web presence. There is a lot to be said about web design and how a website should look.  I know the very basics.  I am still learning and will continue to learn to keep my presence online visible and […]


Storytime is the heart of the library.  It is the heart of reading. Storytime provides many services to both the library, the children that attend, and their parents or guardians.  It gives the library a chance to show off their collections and also the participants a chance to experience what the library has to offer. […]