The New Year

Happy New YearIt’s been a happy new year for sure. I wish the best for others.  This will be my first post since I have graduated from school and started my new profession as a Youth Services Librarian.  The purpose of this blog will be a chance for me to express my daily experiences as a Librarian, professional blogger, and my passions about Librarianship.  I am so happy to be here in Southern California and working for such an awesome library.

Being here in Southern California has given me the chance to see the ocean and beach again after seeing it so often in Japan.  I could meet up with a friend I haven’t seen in quite a while.  I can also enjoy having a car again and driving everywhere.  I am really looking forward to exploring the area some more.  I would like to go to Hollywood, The Getty, and see many more beaches.

Working for such an awesome library has given me the opportunity to do what I planned to do with my career as a librarian.  I have experienced more in four months time than I did in the two years at graduate school.  Graduate school gave me the information to do what I do now and I am happy to see my studies to be put to great use.

I recently helped with a digital drop-in program at my workplace and could help a few people with their e-book readers and tablet devices.  I could play with an Android device I have never seen before.  The Cruz was running a little slow but otherwise it ran the OverDrive app really well.

For the remainder of the digital drop-in program I showed one other person how to check out books using the library’s OverDrive collection.  Overall the attendees were interested in checking out mostly e-books and not audio books but later in the afternoon I showed a gentleman how to checkout an audiobook on his Samsung Galaxy phone.  I am happy to advocate for e-books and audiobooks.  I am really looking forward to the next session.