Toddlers in Motion


Toddler in Motion

I wasn’t expecting at all what I saw at Goodman South’s Toddlers in Motion program.  It was like the Fast and the Furious but instead of cars there were many toddlers.  They were everywhere and there were more of them than parents.  I have always known that toddlers are always in motion but this program allows them to shine.  They can be

themselves without any restraint.  In their raw form, they are a force to be reckoned with.

The program started with BUBBLES!

After the bubbles, there was a somewhat long introduction for each child.  Most of the song was based on what the kids were wearing.  I have seen this song before for Toddler Art and thought it was great for a small group but I felt there were too many kids for introducing every child.  Nonetheless, it seem that all of the parents and children were happy to be individually introduced.

After the introduction song, program consisted of so many songs and then another part that I really enjoyed.  There was a PARACHUTE!  I can’t stress enough how brilliant this was.  The toddlers went under the parachute and they had an opportunity to cool down and also experience that air has volume.  That was really the best learning part of the whole program.  Learning opportunities are so important and whether they understand volume or not they had a chance to experience it.  Also, they could cool down.

The parachute was pretty cool.  I also thought it was nice that the library provided small snacks and refreshments for everyone.  With all that motion, the toddlers must have been tired and thirsty.  They all looked very refreshed and ready for the last round of song and dance.