Youth Chess Club Round 1


I recently had my first Youth Chess Club at the library and it went really well.  I had several boards, some nooks with chess apps, and a PowerPoint presentation setup with it printed out in booklet form.

I setup the room with as many chess books as possible and some were taken home by the kids that came.  The best part was that I had two volunteers to help with the sessions.  One of the volunteers has been playing chess her whole life with her family and the other volunteer is a chess teacher for California Youth Chess League.

I am fortunate to have started a connection with the CYCL and observe on of the classes taught by the main coach that started the league.  The class was amazing and so was the curriculum.  It would be awesome if I could come up with great materials like the leagues.

I will have five more sessions of chess before Summer Reading Program starts and after SRP I will assess whether I will continue having a chess club or if I will have it once a week.