Youth Interaction and Family Fun Night

This week’s Friday youth interaction was with four teen volunteers.  I had a lot of fun talking with the two teens from the UL.  One of them told me that she wanted to be a private eye detective in the future so she was researching about it for her work with the UL and the library.  I can totally see her being one.

The other UL teen worker was sitting down with me at the craft station and watching me choose flannel board printouts.  I became very excited about going a five little monkeys flannel board.  Then we started debating about the five little monkeys story and how it isn’t a good story for children.  According to him, the story doesn’t discourage jumping on the bed enough and that jumping on the bed can be dangerous.  He then told me his own adaptation of the story.  It goes like this: “Five little monkeys jumping on the bed, one fell off and received severe brain damage. The End.”  The lesson is to not jump on the bed.  Although his story was quite dark, he did make an important point.
A few hours before the Family Fun Night event I told the teen I was working with that we need to do something other than coloring.  I felt that coloring is not engaging or creative enough so I found a painting craft on Pinterest using pom poms and clothespins.
I had so many kids come to the craft station after I changed the craft.  I also asked every kid I found if they wanted to do the craft and no one refused.  It is amazing how changing the craft can change the whole experience.
After I cleaned up the craft station, we had Family Fun Night.  Ricardo Vasquez played the marimba for everyone.  It was absolutely brilliant.  Ricardo is extremely talented and his music is very relaxing.  I could really enjoy this event and I could see that Ricardo was really enjoying everyone.  You can go to his website and listen samples of his work.