Youth Interaction and LES Presentation

After work, at MERIT Library I went to my practicum site and did some teen volunteer supervision before the LES Presentation.  I made some last minute changes to the PowerPoint presentation before I spent time with the teens.  I met two new teen volunteers from the Urban League and did my best to keep them entertained and busy.  We did crafts with children, discussed pop culture, and setup for the presentation.  This summer’s teen volunteers are amazing.  They were the stars of the LES Presentation.

The Presentation

I call it the LES Presentation because it was the only name I knew for it.  I found out afterwards that LES stands for Locally Employed Staff.  They are state department workers.  The presentation wasn’t really for state department workers but for international librarians.  Fifteen international information specialists and librarians mostly working at information centers of U.S. Embassies came to visit my site placement.  They came with two statement department workers to see the many different inreach and outreach services and programs that Goodman South has provided.
They were particularly interested in the youth programming that the teen librarian has been doing with animation.  They were very excited to see how the library was involved in the community.  A few of them even recorded a video of the presentation and said that they will use the ideas from Goodman South at their institutions in their own countries.  After the presentation they left quickly because they were leaving for the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago.  I hope that I can meet some of them at the conference.