Youth Interaction, Family Fun Night, and Some Computer Assistance

I came back from ALA Annual to find some exciting changes with the teen volunteer setup.  They acquired a cart with tons of craft supplies.  I als found that they were taking up my past book bundle volunteer work and their bundles were going running out quickly.  I am impressed with the ingenuity of teenagers.  They made some really nice bundles.

 This is a picture of the top part of the cart.
This is a picture of the under part of the cart.
Today was full of teen interaction.  I had so much fun making crafts with children.  The craft for the time I was there was a bald eagle puppet.  The puppet was really popular.  There were always at least seven kids at the table at a time. There was a lot of discussion going on.  I helped a group of boys make their puppets.  Why I helped them, I made my own puppet.
I got a little distracted with the eagle puppet after I found some mustaches.  I decided soon after finding the mustaches that I was going to make a walrus puppet.  With the help of my boys, I was able to make a fairly cute walrus puppet.  The boys really helped me a lot with the important parts of the walrus.  The interactions that I had with boys are really what make crafts worthwhile.  I had so many opportunities to teach them new words about bald eagles and walruses.  They also taught me a lot about walruses.  I could also show them a nonfiction book about walruses as well.  Working with children and youth at the library has shown me the impact that librarians can and do make in people’s lives.
Some Computer Assistance

There is never enough time in the public library world for this.  Computer assistance is so important that some libraries are hiring computer specialists to work at the library.  I can’t walk through the library open computer lab without receiving a question.  I am not complaining but more so just trying to emphasize the importance of computer assistance.  
I helped a gentleman with converting a scanned copy of his resume to an editable word document.  His scanned copy was a PDF.  He didn’t have the original word document file anymore and I had to resort to using free web converting services.  They were absolutely horrible.  I had to leave my comfort zone of always having a free access to a licensed copy of Adobe Acrobat Pro to using web-based crud.  We both concluded that it would be easier to quickly retype his resume.  I did give a few converted versions of his PDF but most of it was mishmash.  It wasn’t my best computer assistance encounter but he did seem thankful that I gave my best go.  Well, better luck next time I supposed.  I will keep looking for a better way to convert from PDF to Word with none to little cost.