Youth Interaction, Toddler Storytime Kit Prep, Family Fun Night (Mr. Pickles)

The supervision of the teens was a bit tough for me today.  When I entered the library today, all four of the teen volunteers were just sitting at the table without a craft.  They were not engaging at all.  I found that they were planning a game night for next week and tried to get them to make some decisions and make a flyer for the event.  Their first plan was to create their own board game for the game night but then they got really side-tracked so I told them they should work on the flyer for their event and have it finished soon so they can advertise. I was able to finally get them to finish the flyer with some coaxing.  I made some final touches to the flyer and then I printed some small ones for them to hand out during their craft times for the summer reading program.  I really hope they will have a lot of attendees.

Between my interactions with the teens and family fun night with Mr. Pickles, I did some prep for my toddler storytime kit. Right now I am working on some more flannel board stories.  I would like to finish them soon.
One of the teens helped me with making a few pieces for one of my flannel board rhymes.

The last part was Mr. Pickles!  This guy was a riot.  I am not sure what he was doing most of the time.  He did play the trumpet at least.  I can play the trumpet and I hope that my musical abilities with will be helpful with my career as a children’s librarian.  Below are pictures from Mr. Pickle’s show.  He wasn’t the best performer but there were times that I could enjoy him.  Particularly his use of musical instruments were really good.